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Business focus | Journi Team | 2/2/2024

Bringing in a tech team - What should you look for?

Do you need to bring in a tech team (under contract) or should you employ your own tech people? The tech companies you approach will probably refer to the former as ‘Outsourcing’ and ‘Team Augmentation’. Why is it useful, what do you need to look for? How do you decide what’s is best for you?

In summary, Outsourcing is typically done for a discrete entire project that can be packaged and given targets and defined outcomes. At Journi we often work in this way when the client needs a new application or product.

The aim of Team Augmentation is to expand your capacity to deliver work within your own structures and processes. You remain in control of the work but have additional people with specific skill sets to add to your team. This is useful for companies where there is a more general ongoing need. Team Augmentation can be an individual or an entire dedicated team. Many organisations will use a hybrid of these two approaches.

The main benefit of bringing in a tech team is that it takes away the headache and cost of recruiting and managing technical people, when you don’t have the tech understanding to know who you need and why. It’s therefore the recommended approach for start-up and growing companies when the founders don’t have a technical background.

Some of the key things you should look for when deciding on a supplier are:

Larger tech companies often seem like the safest (but most expensive) option. They’ve had a long track record so must know what they’re doing? However, with a smaller tech company, you will be important to them, your success will be their success, you won’t simply be another client. A smaller company will be much more likely to bend and flex around your needs. At Journi, for example, you will be given access to the skills of the whole team, not just those we identify at the start. You should start to feel that your tech team is part of your business, that they are part of your success.

Once you’ve decided on your team, you’ll need to sit down with them to define exactly what you need, your budget and timescale. This is called the ‘discovery phase’. It will be a detailed process as it’s important to get it right. The outcome will be documented for you to agree, and they should then be able to get on with the work. If the discovery phase is done well your input should then be minimal. However, commonly there will be further questions and decisions for you to make as not everything can be anticipated.

I hope that demystified it for you. Do get in touch if you’d like to talk more about how we can help you.

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