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Journi is technology-powered growth for your business.

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Journi Accelerator

Obtain a strategic diagnosis of your business with our unique methodology.

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Strategic Practices

Let us work together to improve the technology strategy for your business.

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Delivery Practices

Learn about our bespoke development and infrastructure services.

The Journi Express

Team Augmentation

We will build a custom team for your project with the skills you need to be successful in just two weeks.

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Journi accelerator.

Give us just two weeks and we will transform your business.

  • Strategic diagnostic.

    Assess your current status versus your strategic goals

  • Solution discovery.

    Understand your needs and explore solutions with your team

  • Future vision.

    Create a snapshot of the possibilities and a path to the future

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Strategic practices.

Let's work together to evolve your business digitally, use technology to innovate your operations or optimise your IT strategy and technology ecosystem.

  • Digital evolution.

    Don't just transform, but evolve your business

  • IT strategy & compliance.

    Ensure your IT spend is correctly targeted

  • Innovation & business enablement.

    Use technology wisely for deliberate innovation

  • Technology modernisation.

    Upgrade your legacy systems safely and efficiently

  • Technology consulting.

    Analyse and improve your technology ecosystem

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Delivery practices.

Work with our skilled team to build bespoke end-to-end digital products, optimise your cloud operations and data assets or automate your manual processes using AI.

  • Life-support & maintenance.

    Keep the lights on and maintain system that cannot be replaced yet

  • Digital products.

    End-to-end bespoke development from ideation to managed support

  • Infrastructure & cloud.

    From infrastructure modernisation to multi-cloud optimisation

  • Data &  analytics.

    Transform your data into insights that add value with our help

  • Process automation & applied AI.

    Leverage automation and AI to accelerate your business

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The Journi Express

Custom Team.

We tailor and build a specialist team for you, ready to start in just two weeks. At Journi we have a pool of talented developers, architects, UX/UI designers, product managers, and project managers that can work on their own or alognside your team.

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