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We are a people-first organisation. We care about human connections.

Why we started

The Journi team spent decades in traditional technology consultancies. In this model, typically, most of the development work is undertaken by medium and junior developers in a team of permanent employees. This traditional model can result in a mixed-quality output. It is hard to get the right people for the right job and projects are assigned to the best people 'on the bench', instead of the best people available. The model also lacks agility and the capacity to flex to meet needs. Senior consultants then have to manage the repercussions and there are delays of up to 12 weeks to get started.

We started Journi to overcome these issues and deliver a much better service. We designed our new model to be agile and flexible and to ensure our customers get the best experts available.

How we operate

Journi is a Bespoke Software Development and Digital Transformation Consultancy. We operate as a remote-first business, with our Development centres in Europe, resulting in a 30% cost saving compared to UK Tech Consultancy Firms. Journi's hybrid model of permanent employees is augmented by a 500 strong partner network of highly skilled experts and specialists delivers exceptional service at a reduced cost.

Our innovative model enables us to quickly identify the right roles and skill sets to match the exact complex problems our customers are facing. It means we can build a senior team that is able to start within 2 weeks, that will make an immediate impact. We are able to assure quality by only employing experienced professionals who have already built a reputation with us.

What we

We don't sell products or services; we deliver sustainable business growth through tech. We ensure we understand the mission of your business, so we can help you deliver it.

Jake Rickhuss

“After years in the industry, I am acutely aware that creating an environment where employees are valued and have the genuine facilities to grow naturally lends itself to the quality delivered on clients' behalf.”

Jake Rickhuss, Sales Director

People first.


You'll find our approach very different. We believe that happy, energised people deliver the best results, so we set out to make work rewarding and enjoyable.

Enjoy work and have fun.


We love what we do, which means we have fun while we're doing it. This enthusiasm delivers outstanding professional results. Our clients enjoy working with us.

Do the right thing.


Integrity and transparency are an integral part of our process. We give you the hard truths and make sure you understand the possibilities and limitations.

Innovate and delivery quality.


Successful innovation requires a deep understanding of your business and your challenges.  We give our people the time and energy they need to think creatively. We develop detailed strategy plans to deliver business benefits and ensure quality.

Ivona Petrovic

“The significance of a good user experience becomes apparent as we are now accustomed to apps maintaining a high technical and logical standard. When designing a new digital product, one must adhere to a very high user standard as well.”

Ivona Petrovic, Lead Product Designer

Our Team

We build teams, on demand, to meet our client's needs. We use both our core team and our partner network to ensure we always have access to the right expertise. All are ready to start within two weeks.

Journi People

We have a core team of hand-picked Journi people who share our values. These include leading tech strategists, software engineers and business consultants.

We hire selectively to grow sustainably and efficiently. Of course, we need people with the right technical and professional skills, but their interpersonal skills and understanding of business are just as important to us.

Journi Partner Team

We identify the skills our clients require and build the most skilled team we can to match those needs. We're not constrained by who's in our core team. Instead, we're able to extend the expertise we offer you by having an additional team of pre validated people.

The Journi Partner Team are people we work with regularly, we know them, and they know us. They're onboarded and share our values.

What we

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Martin Henry

“Journi is on a mission to change the culture of tech services. We work in partnership with our clients to solve their business problems. Our collaborative approach combined with decades of experience ensures fast and outstanding results.”

Martin Henry, CEO and Co-founder

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