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Our thoughts | Martin Henry (CEO) | 4/20/2023

Making culture matter

Every decision each of us makes, from what we wear and eat, to what is socially acceptable and sustainable, is influenced by others. Marketers will tell you that we’re bombarded by between five and ten thousand messages every day, all competing to be that point of influence. But it is not marketers who lead on influencing our lifestyles, it is our jobs.

Prior to the pandemic, location was a key consideration for candidates when considering possible employers. The popularity of remote and hybrid working has transformed the marketplace. Employees, who don’t have to attend an office five days a week, don’t let geography govern their decision as it once did. Employers are not just competing with other local employers for the best candidates, they’re competing nationally and, in many cases, globally.

Digital companies, like Journi, will only succeed if they successfully attract and retain the very best talent. To do that they must prioritise culture. In the recent past, too many companies have equated a supportive environment with providing fruit at the office or a gym pass. However, the new generation of employees are searching for employers that share their values, attitudes, beliefs and social responsibilities. Employers have to continually adapt to changing needs and priorities and offer something that employees won’t find elsewhere, a unique selling proposition.In essence, a mission they identify with.

Our mission, which we believe is unique to Journi, is to ensure that every employee has a positive and enjoyable day – every day. Work-life balance is not something we laugh about at the end of a long, high-pressure day. Instead, we regard it as important as delivering a great service to our clients. Work-life balance, the physical, mental and emotional health of our employees, are fundamental to our mission. No-one benefits from burnout.

Of course, putting culture and people first is not just about avoiding stress, it’s also important to deliver real job satisfaction. We work hard to ensure that our employees feel connected to the workplace and can actively participate. That means trusting our employees and allowing them to develop in the ways that play best to their strengths. We give our employees the freedom to develop their own career paths and choose how they want to contribute to Journi’s growth. This scalable culture is being built with autonomy, collaboration, respect and alignment at its core.

By ensuring our team has the cultural environment to grow and thrive, Journi benefits from a happy, resourceful and talented workforce and our clients reap the rewards of working with people who bring real passion and joy to their work. It is that passion which delivers technical and business excellence.

As Journi matures, our mission will be to be known as a great place for our employees to work and grow, with clients who enjoy working with the best.

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